MIP39c2-SP11: Strategic Happiness Core Unit


MIP39c2-SP#: 11
Author(s): Andrew Burban (@Saint.Burban)
Status: RFC
Date Applied: <2021-05-11>
Date Ratified: <yyyy-mm-dd>

Sentence Summary

MIP39c2-SP11 adds Core Unit SH-001: Strategic Happiness



The SHCU aims to promote community engagement and promote the Maker brand by strategically spreading happiness, positive vibes, and mild but delightful confusion throughout the Maker Community via memes, shitposts, and Bespoke Happiness Airdrops.*

Airdrops are personalized welcome and appreciation packages filled with Maker Swag and other random goodies. They're shipped worldwide to new, existing, and would-be members of the Maker Community. Happiness Airdrops bring a personal touch to an otherwise disconnected world, where face-to-face communication has become increasingly harder to come by.

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Core Unit Mandate

Bespoke Happiness Airdrops

A Happiness Airdrop is a personalized, curated Maker swag pack.