🚧 I definitely need to work on this page. There are a lot of ways of doing this and several cool projects supporting it. Check this page too:


Invest in real estate and get paid yield daily.

RealT, Inc.


Raise - Invest, Grow and Do Good!


A blockchain project which allows people to own a share of real estate income. Share profits from real estate with investors through a buyback-and-burn deflationary mechanism. Also tokens self-list on the Lisk blockchain using our own DEX.

ICO Marks

A list of ICOs (including upcoming).

ICO Rating List | ICOmarks

DCA Land

Dollar-cost average: automatic convert Dai into ETH & BTC at regular intervals.

dca.land | Automate your crypto dollar cost averaging


Invest in high yield, short term investments traditionally reserved for institutions.

Cadence | Alternative Investing With Zero Fees