<aside> 🚧 I'm trying to get @juank to build this further. Right now he's putting together a list of questions to address, so reach out!


Potential Legal Setup

Core Unit as an LLC



World: Accountable.dk

Presentation 1 Recording | post on the forum

Accountable - Europe's leading blockchain accountants


US: Opolis.co

Presentation Recording | Slides

Opolis - Digital Employment Cooperative


Articles and Food for Thought

Sushiswap Hiring Guidelines

Sushiswap core team hiring guidelines v4.1

Yearn Retention Packages

Yearn Retention Packages

<aside> 📢 Contrarian view: 6 people are getting 275 YFI each (valued at 13.75M) over 3 years. They originally wanted 3% dilution to fund compensation for the team which is fair. Then up it to 20% dilution because "oh other protocols have large treasuries, we need a large treasury to compete", and then as soon as the dilution happens, try to allocate a third of that to themselves. Nor are they setting it aside for future employees, this is just for the current ones. That's just greed. I'm not going to be a part of that community anymore, it doesn't align with my values.


🗓 31.03: MKR Compensation

Let's have another discussion about when should we mint.

Framing a Framework for MKR Compensation - Wednesday, March 31 17:00 UTC

🗓 09.06: LexMaker: Session I 🏛

The LexSES team will be joined by the board members of the Dai Foundation to discuss all things IP, operations, and more.

LexMaker 1 (I): Dai Foundation & Maker IP