Random Beacons are at the heart of the network. They are needed to randomly select providers to create a new keep. Providers need to stake KEEP tokens, create a node and maintain it to be part of the network and earn fees.

Run a Random Beacon

The original article from Keep to run this node.

Run Random Beacon

Run a Random Beacon - cloud deployment with Vultr

This article is a step-by-step tutorial to set-up a random beacon node in TestNet (Ropsten) with a deployment in the cloud with Vultr. This is the tutorial we used to set-up our own testnet node! No previous knowledge needed, give it a go ;) What you will need (explained in the article):

How to set up and run Random Beacon node. Step by step guide for beginners

Video to run both the Random Beacon and ECSDA nodes - cloud deployment with Google cloud

In this step-by-step tutorial you can learn how to launch both nodes (BEACON and ECSDA) at once on one vps. Steps: