There are different degrees of security that one can achieve, and these will vary based on a combination of the amount of money and the amount of paranoia that you have.

There are different levels of security. Based on what's the amount that you're putting in, you might want to consider different levels of paranoia.

Protect your Computer

OS, Antivirus, Plugins, Adblocker

Protect your Accounts

Account Security

Protect your Wallet


More Security

Exhibit A those in the “kyc is not so bad camp. “

Be careful who you give your financial information to.

Limit your exposure to crypto banks

Hold your own keys.

Use decentralized or non custodial solutions

Protect your financial privacy with solutions like

Hackers are actively targeting crypto users, and your financial activity and life is only one data breach away from being compromised


A Comprehensive List of Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacks - SelfKey