💸Your funds (or tokens) do not live on your wallet. They live on the blockchain.

💼The wallet (Trust, Metamask, Argent, etc...) that you use is just an interface to interact in a friendly way with the blockchain.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦You can use multiple wallets in multiple devices (not very recommended) to interact with your "account" in the blockchain.

🏠An "account" is a public address that is derived from a private key. You cannot change your private key. Don't share it.

🗝A private key can be derived from a seed phrase. Seeds are usually 12 o 24 random words. Keeping the seed phrase is equivalent to keeping the private key (and simpler to read).

Hot Wallets



Metamask is the one of the most complete wallets. People used to swear by it. Until it was acquired. Now people don't swear by it that much. Still, very recommended (at least until I try others).


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Trust is very good. The UI could be better, but it works quite well for Android. I did have a couple issues, mainly when it estimated gas costs wrongly, but overall it's very good).


Argent - The best Ethereum wallet for DeFi

Argent - A DeFiNotes Review



Rainbow Wallet

Brian recommends this wallet. I haven't tried it. But Brian knows. Only iOS (says Tobias).